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Our Photos
We went to a show in Carmel, California this July. While waiting for Group, we decided to take the dogs to a dog beach.  There were lots of dogs on the beach incuding a lucheon for the dauchoon rescue group.
Tessa and Dave
 Tessa and Dave 
Tessa romping in the sand
Drake at the beach
Play time with Mom
This is Gara nursing one of our beagle puppies, Landon; who decided he was thirsty right now! 
Van, Sunny, and Buddy (Borrocco's Fifty sibblings) at the Rose City Classic January 2005
Sunny and Eddy's  2007 litter of 6 puppies dog piling on Janice
Gara at 3 months of age

Flying FordLady Beldaran

Sire: Ch. Flying Ford Edsel of Sunglo
Dam: Joham's Bo Peepers
Whelped: 9-03-2007


 Belda takes a 5 point Major at Canby, oregon ... June 2008

Belda at Janice's home in California May, 2008




Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents






Flying Ford's Tutti-Futti

Sire: Ch. Flying Ford Edsel of Sunglo
Dam: Ch. Ff. Nathan's Morning Sunshine
Whelped: 7-01-2007

Champion Evdobees Butch Cassidy of Sunglo and Flying Ford
Sire:Ch. Evidobe Harry Potter
Dam: Ch. Sunglo's I'm A Bright Bonaza
Whelped: 2/24/2008
Contact Helen B. Ford for more information
Congratulations Butch!!
Butch finished his Championship On Dec 30th under Judge Aldey D. Hussin. Now he can retire and have a relaxing time watching other dogs show.
Butch with a major win August 2008

Spring 2009 

Flying Ford's Sparkling Zen

"Tessa"Tessa Has Found a Loving family

Sire: Ch. Sunglo sparkling Wine Cooler
Dam: Ch. Flying Ford's Lady Polgara 
Whelped: 5-22-2009


Picture taken 7/1/2010

I am so excited to say that Tessa, my Zen girl has found the perfect home in themost unxpected time and place. My mom and I usually meet at my Aunt Marna's home in Redding to switch dogs and what not. While there a conversation came up about Auntie Marna's old Chinese Crested rescue dog, Bruce's health issues. Not to mention her own recent health issues. She mentioned that she would not get a dog when Bruce was gone.  Tessa, mean while was asking to sit in her lap, and very in tune with Aunt Marna. There was obvious some sort of instant connection there between the two. As the afternoon went on Tessa was totally responding to her,  over me. So, I knew she had found her calling.

                                                                                                        Bruce, the chinese crested
I left Tessa on a trial bases to be a Therapy dog to my aunt and also for my cousin, Doris who got to meet Tessa just after we left. There's no doubt that this is her calling.
I am thrilled, and so glad I got to share the first year of Tessa's life.
And just think, I get to visit her often!
 Tessa and Dave along Carmel Coast
Tessa checking out the waves. Wish we had gotten a picture of her leaping into the air away from the wave!


Achievements: Tessa has a great start in conformation with six reserves. Starting her career in the large Bred By classes has made it very difficult to get points but we will get it done when she matures a bit more.








Sire Ch. Sunglo's Sparking Wine Cooler





Sire Ch. Cool's Formal Attire

Sire Ch. Kennedy's Bravo Play'n for Keeps ROM
Dam Kennedy's Cool Pacific Storm
Dam Sunglo's Sparking Mint JulipSire Ch. Tuxedo Bows ROM
Dam Ch. Sunglo's Moonshine By Flashpt ROM


Dam Ch. Flying Ford's Lady Polgara

Sire Ch. Flying Ford Edsel Of SungloSire High Desert Grand Duke
Dam Houck' Mystery Lady
Dam Sunglos Her Name In LightsSire Flying Ford Windstar
Dam Sunglo's Radiant Impression



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