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Gem's Sam I Am

Sire: Ch. Ch. Keepsakes  Travelin Man
Dam: Bayhill's Sweet Shanell
Whelped: 6-11-04

Meet "Samy" Our Beagle
Breaking news!!!!
Samy has gone to live with my very good friend Jill and her two teen age boys.  This is Jill's very first pet. (Not sure what she was waiting for) Samy is now in a one dog environment and is loving every minute of training her people well in the art of fetch long walks, and belly rubs. Of course, she comes to visit the family often.  But she's not sure she wants to stay here now that she has had a family all to herself.  The Bostons are really enjoying all of the chew toys now! 

Jenny and Samy 
 Samy takes Breed 2005
 What Samy Does Best... Horde the toys!
  Jenny and Samy taking Glamour shots 2007
Jenny and Samy showing 2007  

Achievements: Samy is currently pointed out.  She is missing her majors to finish.  Her best achievement is that she is fantastic at getting into things to find food!  She can open most crate doors in under three seconds to eat the food. She can open a trash compactor with or without the foot pedal. She can move chairs to climb on counters and the table.  She is extremely easy to train as long as you have food.



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 CH Keepsakes Travelin Man
HP071772/03 09-04
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V402773



 CH Lanbur One Man Show
HM904438/01 10-02
Black Tan & White
OFA24G AKC DNA #V240980

CH Echo Run Frolicsome Fella
HD784761 05-95
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V37312
CH Lanbur Special Occasion
HM768727/02 11-99
Black Tan & White
CH Applegate's Unchained Melody
HM785243/03 01-01
Black Tan & White
Applegate's Speaker Of The House
HM553031/01 11-96
Black White & Tan
AKC DNA #V214927
Applegate's Delilah
HM580833/01 11-98
Black Tan & White


 Bayhill's Sweet Shanell
HM929770/06 04-03
Black Tan & White

CH Ladmars Heart On Fire
HM751307/01 07-00
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V110231
CH Lanbur The Continental
HM533901/01 11-95
Black Tan & White
OFA92F AKC DNA #V107595
CH Ladmar's Talia Rose
HM602601/02 05-98
Black White & Tan

Chardan's Marryweather
HM825440/04 07-00
Black Tan & White

CH Ladmar Razzem Tazzam
HM754120/06 07-99
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V196602
MTN Brook Kerri With Care
HM710876/04 07-99
Black Tan & White




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