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Drake Goes Best Of Breed at 
Drake and I were the first into the ring.  Talk about pressure! But the moment I stepped into the ring; I forgot the crowds and thousands of pairs of eyes that were on us. Drake was so tired that at one point I thought he was going to take a nap right there in the ring. I pulled out everything I had learned from handlers and friends; including using steak as bait!
Pictures taken by Mike of Celtixbostons in N.Y. and also by Margaret and Thomas Noble of Noble Bostons NY
This is Mr. Trotter going over Drake on the table
We were pulled out to do another down and back after all the champions had been on the table. Drake spied someone in the crowd and stoppen in his tracks... staring at them. Luckily, Mr. Trotter gave us another chance at the down and back going in a different direction.       
Drake makes the final cut and so does two other California dogs! A giant "Thank You" to our Breed Judge Mr. Trotter of California for the win of a lifetime! It was my first time going to the Westminster and what a memory it turned out to be!
 This is the picture of us just after we won the breed.
I was so proud of Drake and so estastic at winning the Breed over so many beautiful dogs.
This is the benching area where thousands of spectators came to view the dogs. It was very noisy and hot for the dogs. Drake was napping at the time of the first photo because he was very tired from a long weekend of showing. We made lots of new friends in New York and I hope to see everyone again at the National in May.
Going to Group
A very special "Thank you" to Margaret and Thomas Noble who were wonderful in sending pictures for my scrapbook and the website. The pictures were so beautiful I decided not to crop anything so you can see the group dogs across the ring. 
Ok, anyone who really knows me knows I can have issues multitasking! I was so busy following such good advice from my proffessional friends; I forgot that the Westminster groups go into the ring not by the usual fastest moving dogs to the slowest moving dogs, but; fly in and go to their podiums which are in alphabetical order. To think I teach ABC order almost every day in the classroom. Anyway, I finally got to my podium and set Drake up. Again, thank you to the bulldog and Bishon handlers who urged me to get Drake to the table or the announcer would probably have told me in front of the millions watching!
Mrs. Dorothy Dalton is going over Drake on the table.
This is one of my favorite pictures of the evening!
Drake looks sooo good.
Photos by stevesurfman.com
This is our down and back to our non-sporting judge- Mrs. Dorothy Dalton. I was very careful not to slip with my new heels.  Probably heels were not the best choice for the group but they matched perfectly with the suit.

What I found really interesting in group was how the handlers knew when it was a commercial break.
They knew when to moved dogs out in front of the signs and when move them behind the signs.
Luckily, I just had to followed the other handlers.
Mrs. Dalton made her first cut and sadly, we were not in it.
But what a great experience to be on the green carpet!
I loved every moment of it and so did Drake. 
If you are interested in seeing or possibly purchasing photographs of the Westminster dog show go to www.stevesurfman.com  
click the PhotoReflect link and then select the 2010 Westminster Event.
Here are a few video and newspaper articles
To View the Westminster Breed competion go to the following link http://video.westminsterkennelclub.org/player/?id=0#videoid=1201608 
To view one of our local News10 channel interview
Drake, a little Boston Terrier from Vacaville, brought home a Best in Breed award last weekend from the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.
The following are newspaper articles from our local newspapers 



San Francisco

Drake the Boston Terrier  


Drake the Boston Terrier

Westminster Dog Show

That familiar blur of black and white excites many dog lovers as the Boston Terrier scrambles by one's ankles. This breed is bursting with energy! The lovable Terrier developed in the barns of Boston, Massachusetts, as a fighting dog. Surprising this may be because, this breed is a companion dog and are awesomely friendly creatures. The Boston Terrier is here to be your number one buddy. Most of these dogs are traced back genetically to a pooch named "Hooper's Judge". Sold from over seas to a man from Boston in 1870, Hooper's Judge was a cross between an English Bulldog and a white English Terrier. By 1891 the breed earns the name Boston Terrier but, is not recognized by the AKC until 1893.

At the Westminster Dog Show, Boston Terriers are considered "The Non-sporting Group". Twenty-two entries, two being absent, were made on the Boston Terrier's behalf and number 5 was chosen to represent the breed. Drake is the name, a two year old male born on August 28, 2008, this dog is in his prime. Drake, the handsome devil, won the heart of judge Mr. Charles Trotter on February 15, 2010 qualifying him to compete for "Best of Group". The breeders are Janice Smith & Helen B. Ford from Flying Ford Boston Terriers. The mother/dam of the dog being Ch Flying Ford Lady Polgara, the father/sire being Ch Sunglo Sparkling Wine Cooler. The owners are Janice & Dave Smith & Helen B Ford & Ann Sundae. Drake did not move past "Best of Breed" but, be sure to look out for this worthy competitor, he will be a regular in the winner's circle.


Online artlicle


Drake captures prestigious Westminster Best in Breed honors

 Dave Marquis

VACAVILLE, CA - At just 18 months old and only a foot tall, Drake the Boston Terrier took "Best of Breed" at the 134th Westminster Kennel Club at Madison Square Garden on Monday.

"Every breeder, every handler, dreams of going to the big tent - the Garden," said owner and handler Janice Smith.

Drake began winning shows when he was barely over 6 months old, quickly stacking up major victories. At the end of his first year on the show circuit, he was poised for the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club's 134th annual dog show.

"I didn't really have any thoughts of winning. I went there just to show up and experience it," said Smith, who got Drake from her mother's Flying Ford Boston Terriers kennel in Oregon.

From day 1, she said, the black-brindled Boston Terrier charmed everyone. "People would come up, is this Drake, is this Drake? They always wanted to see Drake."

In both Smith and Drake's first time at the Westminster show, they won.

"I think I screamed and hopped all the way over to the best of breed sign," she said.

Away from the show circuit, Smith said Drake is just like any other good canine companion.

"He's fantastic. He's a companion dog. He's funny. He plays. He runs around. He fetches...and he snorts a lot," Smith said.

In just two weeks, Smith and Drake will be back on the road, hitting the show circuit again.

For now, Smith just wants to savor a stunning win. "It was just a dream come true," she said.


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