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News 2010
December 2010
Well, we did great this fall.  Maybe not good enough to get back into the top ten with Drake.  But Perry finished with several major wins and a Breed win over seven champions. Lilly played in the ring in Long Beach and decided she likes showing. Now we just have to wait until she grows up some. Drake took breed quite a few times and even had a group 1 placement in November.
The last cluster of shows for the year will be San Mateo. Drake and Mystie will be going for the first three days. And I will be showing a friend's dog, Rollo too. Perry is in Oregon until I decide which dog I will special and who goes to New Hamphire with mom next month.
September 2010
Yeahhh We are back!! We are hoping to get back into the top ten this fall. It will be a lot of hard work, but Drake looks fantastic so I think we can get there.
Our Next Shows are in Petaluma this weekend Sept. 11 and 12th. Drake and Perry will be there. Lilly and Mark will be going just for the experience. Mark will be getting ready to go to his new home on the East coast soon.
 Sir Francis Drake shows are in Vallejo this year on the weekend of September 18 and 19th and then we go to Donner Trail in Roseville.
The Event
Drake and I were invited to speak at the WowWow Girl's funraiser for Havenhumane. The girls spent three months getting ready for the event hoping to raise a lot of money for the shelter. They made cook books, dog treats and lots of dog things. to sell. Sadly, the fundraiser was rained out! We still put on a parade of dogs in the rain.  I gave a grooming lesson to the small group and my sister, Beverly gave a lession on nutrition with lots of really great information on the importance of a raw diet and early nueological stimulation for puppies.
Talking with T. (Woody) Woodland, head of the training department of HavenHumane, the volunteers learned so much about several of the really important programs they put on in the community. For example, the one that I found most interesting brings children of the community and dogs together for a two week summer camp. Children learn how to train and take care of a dog by working with just one during the two week day camp. They learn how to clicker train from some of the top clicker trainers in the country.The kids are not allowed to adopt the dog they train though which teaches them how to love, let go, and then how to be a part of the solution in the epidemic of abandoned pets.  According to Woody, the shelter has a very high 70 percentage rate  for pet placement back into homes. The shelter has also placed many dogs as service animals when they find those special dogs.
I gave a lesson on grooming and nail trimming using Tessa.
One of the WowWow girls with Walker, the bosoton Terrier. My aunt Marna who was gracious enough to help put the fundraiser on at her home. 
 Trisha and Ginny
If you would like to donate to Havenhumane.net please let them know that Drake and the WowWow Girls sent you. We would really appreciate your kind donations to a very worthy cause to help dogs and cats find new homes.


Drake took Breed this weekend and Perry took 2nd place in his Bred by class.Thanks to our judge, Mr.Robert D. Sharp
Our next shows will be August 29th in Santa Rosa. Drake, Perry and Brodie will be there. Showing at 8:00 am 
Perry had his ears cropped and we hope he will be ready for the August show.
August 28th Drake and I are participating in a fundraiser for the  havenhumane society in Redding put on by the WOWWOWGirls. If you are interested in coming you can go to Havenhumane.org for more information and directions.
Drake took Breed both days at the Carmel shows. Tessa won her class and went on to win Reserve on Saturday. Garion took Reserve on Sunday. Woohoo! what a great weekend.Then we took the dogs to the beach in Carmel where they got to play and look at the water. Drake and Tessa both got wet but were not thrilled with the ocean touching them.
Getting a smooch from Drake
Our upcoming shows will be at Carmel, California on the weekend of July, 17 and 18. If your in the neighborhood please come and see us. Garion be there along with Drake and Tessa.
Here's a brief summary of the past events...
In May, we went to the Boston National (held in Atlanta Georgia) for the first time ever. Over all, it was a good experience. We competed in four days of shows one of which was the "Dog of the year" competion; where we both dressed in formal attire - green leash and gown with plenty of rhinestones for both of us. My best friend, Jill suprised me by "dropping into the neighborhood" from California. I was SO thankful for the moral support. Needless to say, we were still eaten alive by the competion. We saw plenty of beautiful dogs, met a lot of fellow "Boston" People there and I am now able to put faces to many of the names of breeders I've heard so much about.
The weekend of June 12th, I took Drake, Garion (one day), and Perry (one day) to the Vallejo shows. The young boys did well but did not get points either day. That Saturday, Nathan, my eldest child graduated from High School.Yeeeeppppieeeee
Well, April was a very busy month and it just seemed to fly by. I will give you a quick run down of the month. We went to Merced Ca.for just one day, Saturday, April10th where Tessa  and Drake showed very well. Tessa earned her first point there and Drake got more Ring practice.
Sacramento was fun. Drake did very well both days taking Breed under judges Fredrick Stephens and M. Rosalie Anderson. Our "Many Thanks" to our judges!  Drake really enjoyed his "playdate" with our good friend Tracy Olsen who showed him both days. I missed photo opportunities both days with Tracy and the judge's times clashing.
The next weekend we were off to the Vallejo Fairgrounds to play again. Drake had an absolutely fantastic weekend. Not only did he win Breed under Mr. Raymond D. Bay, but Drake went on to win his second Group 1 placement! I was so excited to place in group and get my very first chance to show in "Best in Show" A huge Thank you goes to our group judge Mr. Vincent Grosso. I can not tell you how exciting it was for me when Drake was picked 1 in group that day.
Judge Mr. Raymond D. Bay                                                                                  Judge Mr. Vincent T. Grosso
Sunday went well too. Mrs. Kathleen M. Grosso gave Drake the Breed and Drake got to play in the group ring again. 
Judge Mrs. Kathleen M. Grosso
The most exciting news this month was learning that Drake had reached the top 5 in bostons!
Drake took Breed on Sunday, March 28th under judge Chuck Winslow at the Oakland Kennel Club show in Vallejo. Thanks you Mr. Winslow. I have no new picture to post since I forgot to take one.
Yippy, Drake took Breed at Hanford on Saturday March 6th,  Thank you very much to our Breed Judge Mrs. Judith V. Daniels
We will be going to Hanford, California the first weekend of March. It's a small show; placed in the middle of the state's agricultural land. The drive is long (about 5 hours) but very beautiful with all the trees covered in shades of pink and white flowers. Drake and Brodie will be going.
March 25, 26, 27, and 28th you can find us at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo.
Drake, Brodie and possibly Garion will be there.  
Well, we went to the Super Bowl of Dog shows last weekend feb. 13, 14 and 15! The Westminster was a great experience. It was huge! Mom went with us.All three of us got to experience the Garden for the first time. We stayed at the Pennsylvania Hotel across from Madison Square Gardens. We met up with old friends and made many new friends.
Saturday and Sunday were Specialty shows for the Bostons, held by the Boston Terrier Club of New York. Saturday Drake won the Specialty show and I was thrilled for such a wonderful win against such top dogs and professional handlers. Thank you Mrs. Grosso!
But our real thrill came when Drake and I won the Breed at the Westminster and we went on to compete for the Non-Sporting group on T.V. It was an absolute dream! Overnight Drake became a star and got his fifteen minutes of fame in our small town. He was in newpapers and on the news and Good Day Sacramento. Thank goodness he didn't let it go to his head and start making demands! Wow! A Giant "Thank You" goes to Judge Mr. Charles E.Trotter.
A very special "Thank You" to my wonderful Husband, Dave who supports me in this great sport. He was so proud he sent out emails to all our friends and family updating Drake's progress throughout the adventure.
January 2010
We went to the Rose City Classic in Portland, Oregon Jan. 21-24th. There was a lot of tough competition there. Tessa took a second, a third, and a fourth in the Bred by Class with 8 and 9 girls. She is just 8 months and I am very proud of her accomplishments so far.  Now she will stay at home for a while to mature a bit.
Drake took the Breed on Sunday under Judge
Wow! So much has happened since I last updated the website.
Drake went to the Eukanuba shows in Long Beach. Shown by our friend Tracy Olsen, Drake took the Specialty show on Friday, Dec. 11, 2009. There were 24 champions for Breed competion. A special "Thank you" goes to Judge Jon L. Ronald. I was thrilled with the win at the "Big show" weekend. Mom enjoyed making the rounds collecting all the fun give away dog stuff and watching Drake win. 
At the December 30th show in San Mateo Butch won Best of winners and completed his championship. He is now looking for a home.
Tessa has two more reserves and so does Brodie our 15" Beagle.
Tessa took reserve in Bred by Exibitor or BBE way to go Tessa!
Next up is Tessa's first show!  November 22, 2009 Come for a visit to see Tessa and Butch at the Turkey circuit in Stockton.
Wow! A Clean sweep at the Roseburge shows. November 12 through the 15th. Four days of shows and four breed wins! With a group three placement too. What a week.  Thanks to Ann Sunday for handling Drake at the shows.  Pictures to follow soon.
Tracy Olsen handled Drake at the Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers show. She took Drake in for Breed with Mrs. Florence Males and onto Group where they recieved his first Group One Placement under Ms. Barbara Wood. Thanks Tracy  you did an awesome job! He also took Breed on Sunday with Tracy on the lead.
October 11- Best-Of-Breed at the Two Cities KC under Judge Mrs. Tomas (Alane L.) Gomez. Thank You!
Bonanza Kennel Club-Septerber 26th- Drake took the Breed under Mr. Vincent T. Grosso.
Butch took winners dog at the Redwood Empire KC on Saturday September 5th for one point towards his Championship. One more to go! 
Sunday September 6th Drake took the Breed at The Redwood Empire KC under Mr. Michael Daugherty and then went on to take a Group Two. Wow! What a fantastic day for us! Thanks Mr. Connelly for the Group placement!
August 21-23 Western Washington Specialty shows.  On August 22 Drake took his first Best of Breed win.  What a Rush! Butch took his class two of the three days. We got many compliments on Drake's ear crop. 
July 2009 
The Biggest News to date is that Drake just had his ears cropped! After many debates we decided to go ahead and crop his ears so we could special him. Look for pictures of his new ears sometime next week!
The Puppies will be ready for their new homes on July 20th. We have two boys from Gara's litter still availible to show homes and Rockie from Sunny's litter availible to a show home.
Our next shows will be in August in Washington.
Yes that's right... we will be going to the Western Washington Specialties... August 21, 22, and 23. Wish us luck as we will be up against some of the top champions in the Nation. 
June 2009
At Friday's Specialty in Canby- Drake took his fifth major to finish his championship.  Way to go Drake! Thanks to our Specialty judge ...  He also recieved Best Breed By and Best of Winners.
June 19, 20, 21, Canby, Oregon. Drake, Butch, and Belda will be at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds for the Boston Specialty, and confirmation shows. Stop by and say Hi. We will also have all our pups with us.
June 7- Drake takes his fourth Major win! Thanks for all the support.
June 6 and 7, Woofstock. Come see Drake and Butch at the Vallejo Fairgraounds, California for the Boston Specialty / Sweepstakes we show at 12pm.
 May 2009
May 17- Drake takes Best of Winners for a 3 point Major under Mrs. Inge Semenschin. Butch takes reserve.  Way to go Boys and thanks Mrs. Semeschin for the major!
May 16- Drake takes Best of Winners for a 3 point

major under Mr. Timothy S. Robbins at the Coyote Hills KC. Thanks Mr. Robbins!!
May 10- Butch takes Winners for 2 points. Drake takes reserve, Best Bred By Exibitor and a BBE Group 3 under Mrs. Gloria Geringer. Way to go guys and thanks Mrs. Geringer!
May 9- Butch takes Best of Winners for 2 points and Grady takes reserve at the Camillia KC dog show in Woodland, Ca.
April 2009
April 19- Butch takes winner's dog for 2 points at Chief Solano KC under Dr. Lee Anthiny Reasin.  Thanks Dr. Reasin!
March 2009
March 22- Drake takes Best of Winners for a 3 point Major at Oakland KC under Sally L. Vilas.  Thanks Sally! 
March 21- Butch takes Best of winners for a 3 point major at San Masteo KC under Lois WolfWhite. Thanks Lois!
Feburary 2009
Drake turns 6 months and begins his show career 
Butch continues toward his championship.



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