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About Us
Beverly Ford has been breeding Boston Terriers since 1982. She began showing the breed  soon thereafter. With the help of her, now late husband, Aubrey, they developed the kennel name Flying Ford Boston Terriers; a name which has become well known for excellence with its sound breeding stock



The rock behind Flying Ford Bostons Helen (Beverly) Ford stands proud of all her dogs both present and in the past. Beverly loves the Boston Terriers.



A few years ago, Beverly’s youngest daughter, Janice, joined her in breeding and showing Boston Terriers under the Flying Ford name. Since they both share a mutual appreciation for the Boston Terrier and both strive towards improving the breed through carefully selected breeding programs; it seemed only natural to create a partnership.
Although, Beverly lives in southern Oregon and Janice lives in Northern California it has not hindered their joint Kennel and the ability to create champion stock. On the contrary; the collaboration has helped in continuing to improve the breed. Janice also enjoys showing her friends Boston Terriers as she is a true dog lover.
Janice and Beverly enjoy traveling up and down California, Oregon and Washington showing their prized Boston Terriers. Janice is currently showing Boston Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Beagles.  



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